I hate politics

Yes I do. And I never liked it. A lot of people have been asking why I chose to write on politics. Since I never really give a clear explanation on my intention of doing so, this might be the right time for me to explain. Long story short, I had to set up a … Continue reading

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Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz Umno has unashamedly used every weapon in its arsenal – race, religion, rulers and riots – to scare the people, writes a former Umno assemblyman. Malaysians must choose whether to stand on the side of a bully or on the side of the marginalised and those…

Finding ‘Malaysia’

The only time I can feel a truly ‘One Malaysia’ experience is when I had my once-a-month haircut at a salon near my hometown. It is a small salon, owned by a Chinese woman in her late 30s, with four Chinese and Indonesian workers. Albeit cramped, the salon attracts many customers. Sometimes I have to … Continue reading

For Palestine

This post is dedicated to those fearless fighters who are willing to die to fight for their right. After eight days of terror, Israel and Gaza has finally signed a ceasefire agreement. The death toll are 150;  mostly Palestinian. Hundreds were left injured. Innocent children are being killed by those heartless Israeli army, for what … Continue reading

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Tweet The country has changed so much since 1969 that to keep using the argument that we are on the verge of race war is rather obsolete. I WAS wondering when it was going to happen; when certain quarters were going to dust off that old chestnut of May 13, 1969,…

Najib and GE13

The mandate for BN to be in power will end by April 2013. Which means, by that date, the general election must be held as the tenure has reach its 5 years’ maturity. However, none of the previous GE has seen the dissolution of parliament made near at the very end of the tenure. Many … Continue reading

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Ong Kar Jin. Narrow view of politics reduces it to a two-size fits all dichotomy: you are either all Pakatan or all BN The world is not black and white. Even for the colour blind, there are shades of grey (indeed, as many as ahem, Fifty Shades of Grey!). One…

The Malaysia’s media

“The only thing you can believe in newspaper reporting is the nombor ekor section.” – anonymous – Obviously the quote is a bit exaggerated, but it would be the simplest, easiest explanation to portray the media institution in Malaysia. Frankly, when was the last time you read a newspaper? With myself being a journalism student, getting up … Continue reading

Action speaks louder than words

I can’t help from reposting another article by Marina Mahathir. All this while I have been wondering why politicians from both side of the divide need to oppose each others’ ideas, even if it is beneficial for the country. (Some) Politicians are full of talk, but lack the action to walk it. Marina’s writing on … Continue reading

Defining freedom of expression…

…You can’t, actually. It is hard to find an universally agreeable definition for freedom of expression. The right to freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law. It provides the basic guidelines to express our thoughts and views. But like other existing … Continue reading